Performance Internal Resources Page


Performance Internal Resources Page

The new Performance Internal Resource Page will be all the rage. You can use this page to access important links used for data collection and complete certain tasks. On the resources page, you will also find information about upcoming events, and locations for said events. The Resource page will serve as a single location to find information about company events and announcements. This Page will be password protected to keep non-employees from looking at the page. If you would like access to the page, make sure you get the password from one of your co workers, or just ask Noah. 🙂

As for now, this page will mostly only have links and no real news, but over time the page will be filled out. The page will evolve over time and occasionally have news. Just hold on tight for now.

Demolition Video

Click on the image above to watch our Demolition Equipment in action as we tear down the 84th Ave and I-25 in Denver.