Our Brand

What is our brand?

Our brand is not simply a logo, a marketing campaign, or set of talking points. Our brand is comprised of the stories, experiences, and attributes that define Performance Equipment. It is the sum of all interactions with our customers and one another. This is why we are the best in the industry, and why our customers continue to choose us for their heavy equipment rental needs.

It’s what we do

Each employee is considered key to shaping our brand and how we present ourselves to others. We influence the brand everyday when we select our areas of professional expertise, provide unmatched customer service, or help one another in the time of need.

It’s how we present ourselves

We strive to provide the upmost professional attitudes while maintaining a fun environment for our customers and each other. Its important that we have graphic standards to ensure that we deliver a consistent message about ourselves.

It’s our shared identity

Performance Equipment is a group of people that encompasses a variety of individual and group missions. Yet – each of these many and varied parts share in the combined strength of our reputation and credibility that comes with being part of the Performance Equipment brand. It’s a reminder that we're better together.